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Litigation and recovery

We have extensive experience in representing clients before common courts of all instances in cases involving civil law, commercial law and labour law. We also represent our Clients before public administration bodies and administrative courts.

We provide clients with a reliable assessment of their legal situation and the chances of a favourable judgement. We develop a comprehensive litigation strategy that maximizes the chances of a positive outcome of any case. We believe that if there is any prospect for a settlement, an attempt should always be made to resolve the dispute amicably. Therefore, as a rule, the first part of the litigation strategy is to enter into negotiations with the opponent, in which we represent the client and make every effort to ensure that a beneficial agreement is reached. If the attempt at amicable resolution fails, we consistently implement subsequent stages of the litigation strategy, using all legally permitted possibilities to increase the chances of obtaining a favorable judgement.

Services provided by the Law Firm also include representation in enforcement proceedings. We assist the creditors in the forced enforcement of judgments, and the debtors in defending against the enforcement proceedings against them if they have been unjustly initiated.

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